Condolences for Ernest “Ernie” Burton Wayne

Toni Lucero posted on 7/4/20

Toni and Nettie thank you for including me in everything. I will always feel like you guys are family. Ernie loved you so much. He had the best memory. He remembered things from age 2 and he told me everything. We would talk from the time he got off work until the middle of the night every single day. Weekends we'd be on the phone around the clock.. We had so many plans so im having a hard time accepting hes not gonna be there. Our last plan was for me to kidnap him as soon as he felt good enough to go back to Denver. He said its just a beautiful place to start a new life but his place had to have a porch. He loves the outdoors and he'd sit there for hours everyday. It didnt take much to make him happy. I know he had a rough life but i think everything he went thru made him the amazing person he became.. Everyone loved him and we will all miss him so much. I will never forget you Ernie Wayne. I will love you forever.


Brian Kennison posted on 7/1/20

we were great friends growing up,must have been 17/18 i remember we had a party in the desert,Ernie drank to much and i had to take him home,not fun explaining that.Ernie was always the one that had your back,no matter what.i will always miss him.i have so many memories,of him riding his bike everywhere,he will be missed!!



Stephen Shane Sullivan posted on 6/30/20

Going to miss you brother.


Angie Wagle (Madrid) posted on 6/29/20

My condolences to you and your family. Ernie and I were friends for 26 yrs. We always use to joke about him being 2 months older than me, I guess you will always be younger than me now. I have so many memories with Ernie , always having a 40 in his hand and when he would come over my kids always hung on him, he would never get upset he would just allow it to happen. I'm glad we talk prior to him passing. Always have a spot in my .. will miss him...


Laura Hults-McKoy posted on 6/29/20

The sweet disposition of Ernie will truly be missed. Keepibg the entire family in my thoughts and prayers. Love you all.


Tiffany Corliss posted on 6/29/20

My heart is broken. Please except my condolences. Ernie was my brother and loved very much. I know that he is now in heaven on his thrown with all the other Kings. You are missed


Darrel D. Hults Jr aka DJ posted on 6/29/20

Primo ! Awww primo (Cousin) what a ride we had. The 10 to 15 years that I had with you was some of the best times of my life... from Hide n Seek as adults with the whole neighborhood, to driving around when we were Ice Cream Truck drivers. We go way back broski! ... I will always love you Big Dawg, and may you always be my light in the darkest of days. 1Love primo out!


Angie Wagle (Angie Madrid) posted on 6/29/20

My condolences to your family and friends, I will miss you Ernie. We have been friends for 26 yrs. We used to always joke about you being 2 months older than me, now you will forever remain younger than me. I will always remember you coming over and hanging out, always with a 40 in your hand. The kids loved you, no matter how much they climbed on you, you never told them to stop. So many memories, thankful I have pictures to look back on. I love you and you will always have a special place in my heart. Glad you are no longer in pain, rest easy my Friend..