Condolences for Wanda Faye Suiter

Mrs. Meier posted on 11/6/19

Just as your love will keep Wanda alive in your memory so God’s love is proved by His memory of her in every detail. If not one sparrow goes forgotten before God or falls to the ground without His notice, certainly he will not forget those whom He promises a resurrection to life on a peaceful new earth.—Matthew 10:29, 30; John 5:28, 29, Psalm 37:11 My condolences to her loving husband, family and friends.


Tina M. Stout posted on 11/5/19

She was one of the most precious, loving, giving, hard working and amazing women that helped form my life since I was 4 yrs old. She treated everyone equal, as if they were her child. If you ever made a mistake, it was never held against you or brought up in a negative way.. Just good as gold. I know and trust that she was greeted with open arms by God and my Mama was waiting on her too. Thank you for being YOU, Ms. Faye - Forever in my heart I will always remember you Wanda Faye and I love you so much!



Bo Kirkpatrick posted on 11/5/19

An Angel all through life, it will be easy transition to actually get her Wings. A Heart so full of Love, it couldn't be bound by any earthly means.