Condolences for Jerry M. Lemley

Millie Miles Jones posted on 9/10/19

Jerry was a one in a million type man! Even though he was either in the hospital or at NHC for the past 3 months, he continued to have a smile on his face and joke around to the very end. He had great taste as he picked out the perfect wife for himself. She stayed with him round the clock those last 3 months, not leaving his side. Jerry wanted to return home at the end, as I suspect we will all want to do one day. Jerry and Mallory raised 3 beautiful, smart, kind, and successful daughters. I hope everyone will keep Mallory and the girls in their thoughts and prayers as they go through this most difficult time. Jerry was so very proud of his family! I will miss this witty, kind man. He was one of the great ones!!


Kisha reed posted on 9/10/19

A true child of God! He was patient, kind an always welcoming! He will always be remembered!


Kisha reed posted on 9/10/19

He will always be missed, a true child of God! He was patient, kind and always welcoming very proud to have been blessed with his presence! May he always be remembered!