Let the highly educated staff at Gateway help with all of your cremation arrangements. We own our own crematory so that no family has to worry about their loved one ever leaving our care.  Our prices for complete direct cremation start at $995. This includes: $275 for reduced services of funeral director and staff, $295 removal from place of death, $300 crematory fee, $75 alternative cremation container*, $25 temporary urn, $25 cremation permit. Sales tax of $9.50 not included.

We offer traditional service with cremation, cremation with memorial service or cremation with no services. Enhance a scattering ceremony with a balloon release, a violinist playing Amazing Grace, or decorate with photographs and play a meaningful video tribute. Whatever is meaningful to you.

Gateway provides all forms of disposition: burial, scattering, permanent possession, or mausoleums. For more information on the cremation arrangement process, call or come by today and discuss the best option for you and your needs.

*Purchase of alternative container not required if provided by purchaser.