Cremation Price Comparison




Sykes Funeral Home




Neal Tarpley Parchman

ServicesGatewaySykes Funeral HomeMcReynolds-Nave-LarsonNeal Tarpley Parchman
Cremation Service$995$1820$1995$3415
Total Service Charge$995$1820$1995$3415

* Please note that prices are subject to change at any time.

The prices reflect a simple cremation arrangement including all professional services, transportation, obtaining all necessary permits and death certificate, crematory charges, cremation container and simple urn.

Sykes Funeral Home – GPL 5-18-15 | McReynolds-Nave-Larson Funeral Home – GPL 10-1-14 | Neal Tarpley Parchman Funeral Home – GPL 8-12-15